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FROM LMPD DETECTIVE TODD BRIMM, MARCH, 2013:  This is what I purchased at a local home improvement store!

You Must Reinforce Your Exterior Entry Doors and Door Jambs

Our flagship product, the Door Security Pro Door Security Guard is always on duty. It's a patented steel door jamb reinforcement device that mounts over wooden door frames. It adds CONSTANT home door security each time the door is closed - - turning your doors into home security doors. This one step alone will greatly deter or prevent most through-the-door forced entries so you and your family can be much more secure and much safer in the future.

Besides that, the Door Security Pro Door Security Guard is home security equipment that you only pay for and install once, there are no security codes to enter when you leave home, no false alarms and no monthly monitoring fees to worry about.

People need to know that if their home is ever burglarized, it's 6 times more likely to be burglarized again in the next 6 months. This happens because if a burglar got away with it the first time, then he is much more likely to try it again in the near future.

* The photo on the left is a close-up of the Door Security Pro 48"

FROM LMPD DETECTIVE TODD BRIMM, Jan., 2013:  I was doing some research on portable electronic security systems and I found one at Home Depot & Sears (both online). It costs around $180 and it may be an option for anyone who is concerned about entering in to an extended security system contract. It would also be good for a detached garage or other building. It is probably not as good as a professionally installed system, but if it works like they say it does, I would not be concerned at all about using it.

Home security system with telephone dialer - the system that calls you. No monitoring fees. Set includes 2 wireless door and window contacts, 1 motion sensor, 1 remote control and a telephone dialer with built in 105db siren. Easy and quick to install. All items are pre-connected to the dialer. Set also includes all telephone connections, batteries, AC adapter and  instructions. Land phone connection for dialer is required. System can call cell or land phones. Customize a system suited to your needs by adding a wide range of Ideal wireless accessories. Up to 23 sensors and alerts, including 8 remotes can be linked to the dialer.

  This item was recommended by LMPD for anyone who wants to protect their AC unit.  This is a cheap, excellent way to deter would be copper thieves from ruining your AC unit for a few dollars in copper. Home Security Doors on Broadway had some displayed last year.  Their number is 774-8400. …..Detective Todd Brimm

Wireless Home Security System
Model # 80355 Internet/Catalog # 100654450
$79.67/EA-Each at Home Depot

If you know anyone who cannot fit an alarm system with monthly fees into their budget, they can purchase an audible alarm system that still would probably deter a burglar. I wanted to try to find an example for you and I found one at Home Depot (I thought Radio Shack would have one, but couldn't find one). ..Detective Todd Brimm 

A wireless home security system offers reliable home protection. Includes a main control unit with a 105 db alarm, one door/window sensor, one motion detector sensor and a remote control with panic button. The system can accommodate up to 14 additional wireless sensors. Notification sent to your personal cell phone when alarm is triggered.  Instruction manual makes it easy to do it yourself!  Detects motion or a door or window opening, activates an alarm, and calls up to 5 numbers.  Remote control with panic button feature.  Compatible with up to 14 additional wireless accessories for expansion.