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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 99444
Louisville, KY
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2023 Landherr Estates Local City/State Numbers of Interest
Landherr Estates Neighborhood Information - Contact board members via email at
Landherr Board Members
Brian Allen, Landscaping Chairperson
Chuck Barnett, Vice President
Matt Currin, Treasurer
Wes Elmore, Compliance Chairperson
Jeannie Miller, Welcome Chairperson
Jim Nelson, Secretary
Bob Rountree, President
Neighborhood Communication, Maintenance & Safety
  Committee Chairperson:  Dawn Rountree
Compliance & Deed Restrictions:
Board Chairperson:  Wes Elmore
Landscape Maintenance:
  Board Chairperson: Brian Allen
Neighborhood Bereavement Cards:
  Committee Chairperson:  SueAnn Warms
Note:  Send card to family of a deceased neighbor or their close relative. 
New Neighbor Welcome:
  Board Chairperson: Jeannie Miller
Local City/State Contact Information
Emergency Police, Fire or EMS 911  
Metro Call (Info & Complaints) 311  
Fire Department, J-Town 267-7300 (non-emergency)
Police, Jeffersontown 267-0503 (report minor incidents by phone)
Animal Control 363-6609  
County Clerk 574-5700  
Health Department 574-6520  
J-Town City Hall 267-8333  
LG&E Power Outage/Gas Leak 589-1444  
Louisville Water Company 569-3600 or 583-6610
Mosquito Control 574-6650  
MSD (Drainage or Sewer Problems) 587-0603 
Planning & Design, Jeffersontown 267-8333  
Poison Control 589-8222
Voter Registration 574-6100
Carol Pike, Jeffersontown Mayor 267-8333
Kevin Kramer, Metro Councilman District 11 574-1111
Scott Harrington, Legislative Asst to Councilman Kramer 574-1111
Jeffersontown Public Works 267-7273 Request Tracker
All Other J-town Departments 267-8333