Landherr Estates

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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 99444
Louisville, KY
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2020-2021 Landherr Estates Local City/State Numbers of Interest
Landherr Estates Neighborhood Information
Landherr Board Members
Brian Allen, Landscaping Chairperson 931-2988
Chuck Barnett, Vice President 291-5758
Matt Currin, Treasurer 290-9146
Wes Elmore, Compliance Chairperson 593-5891
Jeannie Miller, Welcome Chairperson 267-1220
Jim Nelson, Secretary 681-4803
Bob Rountree, President 267-6090
Neighborhood Communication, Maintenance & Safety
  Committee Chairperson:  Dawn Rountree
Compliance & Deed Restrictions:
Board Chairperson:  Wes Elmore
Landscape Maintenance:
  Board Chairperson: Brian Allen
Neighborhood Bereavement Cards:
  Committee Chairperson:  SueAnn Warms
Note:  Please notify SueAnn if you learn of the passing of a neighbor or their close relative so that a card can be sent.
New Neighbor Welcome:
  Board Chairperson: Jeannie Miller
Local City/State Contact Information
Emergency Police, Fire or EMS 911  
Metro Call (Info & Complaints) 311  
Fire Department, J-Town 267-7300 (non-emergency)
Police, Jeffersontown 267-0503 (report minor incidents by phone)
Animal Control 363-6609  
County Clerk 574-5700  
Health Department 574-6520  
J-Town City Hall 267-8333  
LG&E Power Outage/Gas Leak 589-1444  
Louisville Water Company 569-3600 or 583-6610
Mosquito Control 574-6650  
MSD (Drainage or Sewer Problems) 587-0603 
Planning & Design, Jeffersontown 267-8333  
Poison Control 589-8222
Voter Registration 574-6100
Bill Dieruf, Jeffersontown Mayor 267-8333
Kevin Kramer, Metro Councilman District 11 574-1111
Scott Harrington, Legislative Asst to Councilman Kramer 574-1111
Jeffersontown Public Works 267-7273 Request Tracker
All Other J-town Departments 267-8333