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Our preferred trash & recycling pickup service is
Republic Services/Industrial Disposal (ID).  Their phone number is 638-9000.  Special rates were negotiated for Landherr Estates residents.  Please contact them directly to arrange service.

2018-2019 RATES

Basic Residential Trash only:  Total rate per home, $12.30 per month.   Details and optional additional services shown below.

Residential Trash – 1X per week curbside: Rate: $ 12.30 mo. Per home; Fixed rate with no fuel or environ fees. Includes up to (2) free 96 gal carts per home.  1 (one) bulk item per week @ no charge. 2 (two) community wide bulk pickups per year (Spring / Fall) at no charge.  PLEASE NOTE (Effective March 2017):  Due to health issues such as bed bugs and other biological issues related to possible contamination...ALL mattresses must be wrapped in plastic to be picked up as a bulk item.  FYI, this is also the current policy with the City of Louisville service and is being required by other independent haulers.  Please note this change. 

Recycling Service: $ 4.75 mo. Per home. Every Other Week pickup @ curb w/ 96 gal rolling cart provided at no charge. Subscription full year only.

Yard Waste Service: $ 5.75 mo. April 1- Jan 15th; full season only. Subscription service billed direct to homeowner.



 Effective Jan. 01, 2015 - Louisville Metro Ordinance


Plastic bags for use in disposal or collection of yard waste material is prohibited!  ONLY environmentally friendly bio-degradable/compostable bags will be permitted. Residents may still use self-enclosed containers, carts, cans or tied & bundled twigs and branches.


ID offers yard waste carts @ $1.75 mo. for (1), $ 3.00 mo. for (2) or $4.00 mo. for (3).  Call Republic/ID Customer Service at 638-9000 to order.


The fine to the homeowner will be $50.00 per incident enforced by Metro Government.  ID will leave any yard waste behind that is in a non-conforming plastic bag.  Any questions regarding the ordinance call Metro Call @ 311. Compostable bags are available at local retailers.  Thanks for your compliance and cooperation. We greatly appreciate your business. Visit:  or click on this link to Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


Bulk Junk Pickup (1 spring & 1 fall):  There is no additional charge for this service for existing ID/Republic customers.  Dates will be shared through neighborhood communications when known.  Please review the ID Junk Bulk Collection Guidelines to learn what type of bulk trash is acceptable.

Tree Debris:  In the event that you have storm/tree damage and require disposal/removal of the debris, please review the ID Tree Debris Policy.

NOTE:   it is important that you specifically ask for this special rate or it will not be offered to you.

These negotiated rates are the lowest of any other area service providers.
  In order to retain it, we must have at least 90% neighborhood participation.  Due to this fact, as well as the benefit of limiting the number of heavy trucks on our streets, LEHA  recommends you choose this provider.