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No Solicitation Policy

 As a reminder to homeowners, peddlers are people who go from house to house selling merchandise or services to be performed immediately or in the future.
Peddlers must be licensed by Louisville Metro in order to solicit homeowners.  However, our no solicitation policy in Landherr Estates does not allow them to solicit in our neighborhood.  When you encounter solicitors in Landherr Estates, inform them of the policy and ask them to leave the neighborhood.  If they do not leave, then notify the police to check their license and remove them from the neighborhood.  Only Landherr Estates residents can solicit in our neighborhood with permission from the LEHA Board.


Woods at Landherr

The second phase of the Woods at Landherr has been approved is moving forward.  Home construction has begun.

Homeowners should reach out to Alexa Finney of Paragon Property Management at 451-0485 to get approval for deed restriction items or for any other HOA questions for the Woods at Landherr. 


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