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Annual Dues

The LEHA annual dues is invoiced on January 1st and due by January 30th of each year.  The 2021-2022 dues amount is $175.00.

Louisville Metro Property Information

Property information specific to each address can by viewed on Lojic Online Maps.  Visit their website at , click on Lojic Maps, and type your street address into the search field for your specific property address. 

District Location and Representatives:


Louisville Metro Council District 11:  Councilman Kevin Kramer, 502-574-1111
Jeffersontown Mayor:  Bill Dieruf, 502-267-8333
Jeff. County School Board District 7: Chris Brady, 502-485-3566
KY State Legislative District 36:  Jerry Miller, 502-564-8100 ext. 718
KY State Senatorial District 20:  Paul Hornback, 502-564-8100 ext. 648
US Congressional District 3:  John Yarmuth, 502-582-5129
US Senator:  Mitch McConnell, 502-582-6304
US Senator:  Rand Paul:  502-582-5341

As of October 2011, Landherr Estates is in Louisville Metro District 11and the city of Jeffersontown.  To sign up for emailed newsletters informing you of happenings in and around our district, please click here to be taken to the link and register as a new subscriber.  This will create your account and register you for the District 11 newsletter.  To access your account, go to, place your cursor on the "Resident's" tab and hover over it to view the menu.  Click on "Sign Up for Email/Text Subscriptions".  Type in your email address and click "Submit".  Check boxes for anything you wish to subscribe to and click submit.  Since we reside so close to District 20, we recommend you subscribe to their newsletter also.

Police & Fire Departments:  In cases of EMERGENCY, CALL 911

Jeffersontown Police: 
located at 10410 Taylorsville Road covers our neighborhood.  However, in cases of 911 emergency calls, all police departments work together and the officers closest to the scene will respond, regardless of what division they represent.  In cases of non-emergency calls, Jeffersontown Police will respond to us as soon as possible.  If you see, hear or are witnessing something that doesn't look quite right, call the police at 267-0503,  to get a dispatcher.  Give them a description, direction of travel and, if possible, stay on the phone if you see what the thief is doing. 

Jeffersontown Fire Department covers our neighborhood.  Their non-emergency phone number is 267-7300.

Resident's Contact Information & Neighborhood Communication

To add you to our neighborhood directory, we ask that all residents provide us with your address, phone and email.  Please take a moment to email your contact information to LEHA so that we can include you.  This is used strictly by the LEHA board and/or communications chairperson.  Your information will not be shared with anyone outside of our neighborhood.  Currently, Dawn is responsible for the coordination of neighborhood communications.  Please feel free to contact her if you have any questions.  We do our best to keep everyone updated on all happenings by posting them on our private neighborhood Facebook page.  It is strongly recommended that you join this group. 

Important Documents All Homeowners Should Have & Read

Although you may receive both the Bylaws for Landherr Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. and the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Landherr Estates (Deed Restrictions) when you close on the sale of your home, we have found that many residents do not have their copies.  For that reason, we can provide copies within our welcome packet.  In addition, we can include the LEHA Policies on both Dues Collection and Parking.  Upon delivering the welcome packet, we will ask you to sign a document acknowledging receipt of these documents for our records.  Please review all documents to make yourself aware of our neighborhood restrictions and policies.