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Mail Box Maintanance Information
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It is the responsibility of each resident to maintain the appearance of their mailbox and to keep the style and color consistent with what has already been established within our neighborhood.  The company who installed all mailboxes and street signs in our neighborhood is US Post Company. 

Contact information and rates as of February 2019 for mailbox parts and installation are as follows:

New construction home:  $275.00
Dig up & replacement:  $325.00
New mailbox, PB, scroll & numbers:  $175.00
Mailbox only:  $75.00
Paperbox (PB) only:  $75.00
Scroll only:  $55.00
Number only (mailed):  $16.00
Number only (installed):  $25.00

US Post Company
2301 South English Station Road
Louisville, KY  40299
Contact:  Mike Harrod