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Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions Landherr Estates (All Sections), Jefferson County, Kentucky; ARTICLE III. General Provisions; Assessments, Section 9. Use of Other Structures and Vehicles:

 c) No trailer, commercial vehicle, truck, camper, trailer, camping vehicle or boat shall be parked or kept on any Lot at any time unless housed in a garage or basement. No automobile which is inoperable shall be parked on any street in the subdivision for a period in excess of twenty-four (24) hours in one calendar year.

 d) No automobile shall be continuously or habitually parked on any street or public right-of-way in Landherr Estates Subdivision 



 ·         Insure a neighborhood that is consistent with the intent of the Landherr Estates By-Laws and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions with respect to safety, attractive and inviting appearance and the protection and enhancement of property values.

·         Compliance with and enforcement of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions with consistent, clear and open communication in a manner that promotes a friendly and considerate neighborhood  



·         Consideration must be made to insure that notices and communication are received; Parking Violations will be seen and will not blow off the windshield; letters will be received i.e. mailed or hand delivered not left on a door where they can blow away or inadvertently be removed by a third party  or disappear due to the elements.

·         Place Parking Violation notice on the vehicle, truck, trailer, camper, etc.

o    Use the latest version of the approved form with notation of compliance e.g. “Please park in driveway”; “Please Remove”; etc.

o    Post a minimum of two times

·         Mail or hand deliver approved form letter.

·         Direct communication with property owner to insure that all extenuating circumstances are considered and to insure that the property owner understands the consequences.

·         The property owner will be given ten days, as required by the By-Laws, Article III, Section 24, to request a hearing with the LEHA Board:

o    It is the property owner’s responsibility to properly and clearly communicate, in writing, the request for hearing to the Board following the notice of violation consequences i.e. that the vehicle will be towed.

o    The vehicle will not be towed until ten days have expired without the receipt of written notice requesting a hearing.

·         Have the vehicle removed/towed by the approved towing company

·         The homeowner is responsible and liable for all damages, fees and costs related to towing, storage, legal and any other related fees, costs or damages.

 *All policies, procedures and practices must define actions necessary as the result of and must conform to and be consistent with The Landherr Estates By-Laws, Deed Restrictions and any other legal requirements binding on The Association such as, but not limited to, from Jefferson County and The Commonwealth of Kentucky.     


Revised: July 31, 2007