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Development started putting curb down on March 21st and they are planning on putting down blacktop on the streets next week sometime. The builder lot draw will also occur next week. LGE should be starting by or before April 15th. LEHA has received a draft copy of Woods at Landherr deed restrictions for review. They will be recorded with the plat next month.



Landherr Estates residents are invited to attend a special HOA meeting on 3/25/19.  Please check your neighborhood communications on Facebook and/or email for details.



Update on the Woods at Landherr development:

First and foremost, there are 44 lots in phase 1, 41 in phase 2. The developer missed the building season for this winter. They had originally wanted to start construction of homes by December. Because of the weather and plan approvals, the best hope for new home construction now will be the spring, possibly April at the earliest. There is a small chance one home may be started as a model, but otherwise, it will be spring. The contractor, Filcon, has been doing the best they can to try to keep things cleaned up and overall we have been pleased with their efforts. They will be starting on the water installation as early as the second week in January. Gas and electricity installation, which is being installed by Fishel company, will start after the roads go in.  There are 6 homesites on hold with various individuals that are working with one or more of the approved builders. If someone is interested, they should call the RJ Thieneman office. There are currently 8 approved builders, and the number will likely be capped at 9 or 10. There will be a meeting with all builders sometime in January, at which time a decision will be made on when to have the lot draw.  A privacy fence will be installed along the borders of the development property between the homesites and the Franconia property, as well as along the railroad tracks, with a minimum of a 30’ buffer between the fence and the homeowner property line. This fence will be the responsibility of the homeowners to maintain over time. The deed restrictions will be similar (but not identical) to Landherr Estates. The HOA dues will start out at the same annual cost as Landherr Estates, which will simplify the combining of the two associations eventually, but that decision will ultimately be made by the Woods at Landherr residents.



Do you need your Landherr Estates mailbox spruced up? Our neighbor, Dan Brumback, is a retired painter. Starting at $60 (depending on condition), he will clean, sand, spot-prime and apply 2 coats of black enamel paint to the entire unit. Numbers that match the current ones will be applied to both sides for an additional $16. If interested, please call Dan at 261-9946.


With spring approaching, please take a look at the outside appearance of your property.  As a courtesy to your neighbors and as a benefit to the overall look of our neighborhood, please tend to your home’s exterior appearance.  Please remove any dead branches from trees, shrubs and flowers and clean landscaping beds.  Treat lawns with a pre-emergent for weed prevention and patch any bare spots.  Repair any gutters and downspouts that may have become displaced.  Tend to items broken or needing repair such as fence posts, mailboxes, shutters, etc. This subject is addressed by our deed restrictions and board members must enforce the rules.  Friendly reminder letters will be sent to residents who are not in compliance.  Please help us by tending to your properties.  If you need recommendations for service providers, please click on our Recommended Service Providers link on our website, or post a message on our Facebook page asking for recommendations. 



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